Janis Vetsch





Crafting memorable experiences through a novel brand identity



Block Party is the annual music festival on the last day of classes at the University of British Columbia. Together with their friends, 6200 students create lasting memories and say goodbye to a year of hard work. This is one of two music festivals that AMS Events hosts yearly. AMS Events aims to provide and attract high caliber performers that will create lasting memories for the university community.



– Research & Interviews
– Print Design
– Digital Illustrations


– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe Photoshop

Blockparty - Solution.png


Evoke excitement & nostalgia 

As this is an annual event, the branding from previous years melted together making it difficult to identify which branding related to which year. I was tasked to create a unique brand that would evoke excitement for the summer music festivals and create nostalgia about the university's culture. 



Utilize campus culture & structures 

By creating a novel wordmark and utilizing the layout of campus buildings as inspiration, I created a recognizable brand identity. I used the architectural layout of the AMS Student Nest, the student hub central to campus culture, as a framework for the background artwork of the posters and assets. As the music festival took place on the plaza outside of the AMS Student Nest the background artwork fulfilled both an artistic and geographical function. 

Blockparty - Challenge.png


Summary &
Future Considerations


This project allowed me to explore new artistic directions and styles. Many of the processes used to create the artwork were foreign to me, forcing me to teach myself new techniques. Through effective communication with the client, we were able to craft a one-of-a-kind feel for this annual event. 

In the future, I would want to spend more time testing to ensure the emphasis of the artwork and branding isn't lost in translation. Further testing of the credential system with additional stakeholders such as the security company involved could provide valuable insights in their creation. 

Stay tuned for the next musical festival project.

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