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Define Social Justice



Define Social Justice

Provoking the right conversation and create little discomfort



Social justice attempts to deconstruct many existing power structures to create a world less oppressive than yesterday. In conversations with my peers at the University of British Columbia, many expressed that they have been interested in learning more about theories of social justice but felt that due to the often complex terminology they are not welcome in participating in social justice conversations. The creation of these posters aims to provoke the campus and global community to become more critical and analytical of social justices issues. 



University of British Columbia
GRSJ 224: Poststructuralist Feminism


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Unpack "Invisible" & Unspoken Privilege

University students are engaged in debates and conversations about oppression and injustice on a daily basis. Our current political environment ensures it. However, the most difficult part about conversations that address social justice is acknowledging one's privilege. Addressing personal privilege is often an uncomfortable experience. Even though my generation has the opportunity to unpack our privilege daily, many of us shy away from this due to personal short term discomfort. Therefore we need to find a way to provoke the right conversations and start unpacking our 'knapsack'.



Provoke Dialogue

Social justice is a powerful tool in the deconstruction of social norms and oppressions that are still being perpetuated today such as racism, colonialism, and sexism. Through this print project, I created a series of posters that aim to open the social justice sphere to individuals that do not feel comfortable in engaging in these conversations due to limited understanding of social justice terms. Therefore the posters aim to provoke dialogue by illustrating definitions that address intersectional topics such as 'White Savior Complex' and 'Binary Opposition.'

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Summary &
Future Considerations


This project allowed me to dive deep into the meaning of social justice topics that are extremely important in our current political environment. Through this project I was able to explore new ways of translating complex definitions through digital illustration in addition to unpacking my personal privilege.

Through the help of faculty, the posters were posted across campus, igniting dialogue in my immediate community in regards to privilege and our perpetuation of oppressive behaviors.